Saturday, February 03, 2007


really i'm not trying to be pretentious and be all like 'i know how to speak french' and all that, because i can't...well, at least not beyond the canadian public school system's teachings, and that was waaay too long ago to mention, in fact too long ago to remember much, i was a little stuck for a post title and didn't feel like just calling it 'socks', so i used the french word.....for socks.

i learned how to cable without a cable needle for these little socks--which cee helpfully pointed out to me don't match--so that was my exciting learn for the week. i did have to get a little assistance from the helpful folks over at knitter's review forums because i just couldn't visualize how it would work, i was all 'howdeedodat', but then after a night's sleep i finally figured it out, yay me. do know they don't match, right?
why yes, yes i do...i made the pink one first and if you are eagle eyed you will notice that the foot is longer...too many rows...misread pattern, not enough caffeine, my mistake. too lazy to rip it back and fix...made the blue one just because and this time got it right. i didn't have anyone in mind, was just trying out a new pattern....but i suppose if someone needed a pair or two for say, a new baby that might be on its way, i could be persuaded to make some more..i promise to make two the same colour...maybe....

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Sharon said...

What adorable little socks...les petites chaussettes...tres fabu!

A long time ago, (high school,) I could speak French, but I must have injured myself and so I can do it no longer. Darlin, it's your blog, and you can speak Klingon if you wanna. ^o^