Sunday, January 28, 2007

love handles

so i made my first pair of grown-up gloves..with actual whole fingers and thumbs and everything! i never realized how very hard it is to photograph the colour red:

these gloves are made on two needles. before christmas i searched and searched for a glove pattern that i could understand, be it on two needles, circulars, dpns, whatever, and i really couldn't find anything that worked...i tried and frogged quite a few different versions until i happened upon a book called 'knitted accessories' from the knitter's bible, which has some really cute projects in it, including this one, which is called 'love heart gloves'...i know, the picture leaves a lot to be desired but they have a little heart pattern on the back of the hand, you can sort of make it out here:
i rather liked making these gloves, they make up fairly quickly but they are a bit fiddly i have to say, and i made the mistake of not measuring the fingers the first time around so it was a lot of trying on and mucking around on both gloves to get the fingers just it is the thumbs are still a little big, but you can't have everything i guess. i may also try my hand at making some convertible mittens as well.

oh, and in case you were waiting with baited breath (yeah, right), here's this week's snowfall contribution:


Sharon said...

I tip my newly completed hat to you, on how well your gloves came out! I've made mittens and fingerless mitts, but haven't attempted gloves yet.

kay said...

Hello Sharon! Thanks for the compliment! These were surprisingly easy to make, if I can figure them out, anybody can :)

flutter said...

Those are adorable! nice work