Saturday, October 28, 2006

baa ram ewe

well, 'socktober' is almost over, and i am almost done my second pair of knitted socks (blue ones for cee this time) i've been scanning the sock patterns ever since i picked up the double-pointed needles. it truly is addicting. my kitchener stitch is getting better with every sock, too, which is somehow very gratifying. yes, it really does take so little to make me happy.

i did a pattern test for one of the clever ladies at the forum:

this sweet little stuffed sheep doubles as a change purse, very cute and not hard at all to make.

who you gonna call?!

the 'mystery cal' on the 'ville concluded last week, and here's the result. this ghost with the most will most likely end up as a tote bag (with a similar, suitable spooktactular picture on the other side of course) or a basket/box lined to put treats in.

now that i've done a graph and changed colours (even though it was only 2) i am feeling a bit more brave and may tackle something a little harder...we'll see.

and, as promised, here's the 'scary backside' of the graph--no, i won't show you my scary backside, so stop asking, or relax, in case you were quaking with fear--it wasn't as scary as i thought it would be (flashback to youthful embroidery days, when mom always said 'the back of your piece should look as pretty as the front!'--this is why you don't see any embroidery work done by yours truly!)

this was a really fun way to introduce myself to this technique.

Friday, October 20, 2006

one sock, two sock

and just like that, i'm a sock knitter:

socktoberfest rolls along...these things may be just as addicting for me as dishcloths...there's already a pair for cee on the needles right now. i must say, the tamale socks are very cozy to wear, and fit my feet the past the foot part would be too long in regular socks for me, because, you know, i have ridiculously small feet--although with age they seem to be growing...or is that just spreading--all i know is my shoe size is bigger than it used to be.

uh...what is that?!
this time i honestly don't know...but i have a sneaky idea what it might be. i'm doing this as part of a 'mystery crochet along' with a suitable 'hallowe'en-type' theme on the 'ville, hosted by one of the clever ladies there. We get 8 rows posted every day (you are looking at 16 rows there, hence two day's worth) i have been wanting to try a graph or intarsia project for a while, but could never summon the nerve--now it looks like i've begun one without realizing it. when it's done i will be sure to post the final result--including what the 'scary' back side looks like--no, not mine, the project's.

Friday, October 13, 2006

thanks, that was fun

well, not really, but what can you say when you look out the window on october 12th and see this:
i can think of a few things, most of them not fit for print, and let's just say they got said, by both of us, when we saw 'it' coming down...'it....that four-letter first i convinced myself it was just tiny hail...but alas, i was bobbing like so much flotsam and jetsam in the river of denial...and yes, those are my flowers getting dumped on...poor things, they are looking most sickly today i'm afraid. the sad part is that they were still doing relatively well, but now...not so much. the snow is gone, but the chill remains. snow in october is nothing new for me...when you grow up living fairly close to mountains, you can see snow in every month of the year...if it's spring or summer, it just doesn't last...more like thick rain...but here...they don't usually see snow here until late november or december.

we didn't even get it as bad as our u.s. neighbours to the south...apparently they got 60 cm in buffalo alone...many power outtages and such..and a few of our tv channels that come from that area are out as well so they must be having problems. not sure how far the storm travelled, but it was a strange one, to be sure.

i finished the tamale sock and am almost done it's fraternal twin...i am liking knitting socks more and more, so there will most probably be a large pile of homemade socks soon, to add to the ever-growing stash pile in the corner our the living room, which cee has taken to calling 'mt. kiki'--his subtle way of saying 'clean up yer crap'.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

old dogs and new tricks

do you notice anything different about this knit stockinette swatch?

how about now?

something a little different about the needle, right? like the fact that there's a hook on either end?...well, that's because this 'knit' stockinette swatch is actually tunisian crochet! ooooh, ahhh...astounding, right? yeah, yeah, i know, whoopee ding dong...but hey, it excited me...i learned how to do three different tunisian stitches, thanks to kim over at crochetville, who offered a free online tunisian class....which i actually missed (because the older i get, the more i forget) but the text is on her blog and i learned just by reading it! this stitch pictured is called 'tunisian knit' stitch, which was the one that blew my mind because it looks so much like knitting...she also taught the 'reverse afghan' and 'afghan''s a little funny, because while knit stockinette tends to curl in from the sides, this tunisian knit curls horizontally from the top and bottom...but that could be because i'm just learning, and i'm told that tunisian tends to be tighter than regular crochet, so it could just be my beginner attempts...the back of it is also a lot more bumpy than knit...the reverse afghan stitch resembles garter knit. i love to learn new things, so i was really psyched...and i just learned that the majority of times i type the word 'stitch' i actually type it 'stich' and have to go back and correct it....i should point out that the hook in the picture is not a 'tunisian' hook, but something called a 'cro-hook' or 'double-ended hook', but it worked all the same...a tunisian crochet hook has one hook at one end and a stopper or knob at the other, but is longer than a regular hook...of course i think one or both of the hooks is also called an 'afghan hook', just to make things more confusing...

at least someone was excited for me:

got any snacks?

some progress on the tamale would seem to me that i'm over the 'hard' part, or more like the most confusing part, which for me was the far i am really enjoying knitting socks, and have been eyeing other patterns to try....cee thinks that's pretty weird, since i don't normally wear socks, but you never know, this red beauty could adorn my pudgy little foot someday, and he might--probably--just end up with a pair or two... gee, those double pointed needles look quite intimidating, don't they? rather like they belong with the accoutrements of a torture chamber...'fetch the dpns, boris...i'll make him tell me where the microfilm is!!'

Thursday, October 05, 2006

kicking my heels up

is this a sock i see before me?
well...not yet...but it very well could be...someday. maybe. thanks to some inspiration i decided to take the plunge into 'socktober' well, more like i decided to learn how to knit socks...i have crocheted them before, but never knit, always secretly coveting other people's talent for knitting socks.

you can see by the picture i have only just started, but so far so good...let's see how long it takes me to get stuck...i keep calling it the 'hot tamale', you don't have to tell me that it's not necessarily 'normal' to give inanimate objects names...but when i look at it i think 'hot tamale! i'm knittin' a sock!'

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

that old feeling

it's been one of those weeks...i've started and frogged at least 4 different projects, started a crimson cardigan (the pattern states it's easy) and made not one, not two, but three errors in the first 3 inches (it's worked in one piece to the armholes) and had to rip it all out--yes, my working on it every day for almost a week only got me 3 inches in...for a minute i actually considered leaving in the mistakes as they weren't that noticeable and i was feeling lazy, but i ended up with the wrong amount of stitches, and now it's all gone. i keep hoping i'll get some inspiration, but it looks like i've hit a slump.

i don't know if it's the weather--it's rained almost every day for the past two weeks--or what my problem is, but i just feel so blah and can't get into anything i've got going here. i look through all my patterns and search online and nothing seems to interest me.

i keep wanting to start an afghan, but we have so many here--now i know some of you are saying 'is there such a thing as too many afghans?'--but in my case i suppose there is...we have nowhere to put any more, and i'd make them for family, but sending them to my family and friends would cost a fortune in shipping, and cee's mum can make her own....dilemma, dilemma.

i did finish up a few things for my sister's friend's new baby:

i like the hat, it reminds me vaguely of jiffy pop, which we used to get when we were kids...the popcorn in the little metal pan and when you pop it on the stove the top of it expands like a big can still get it in some stores here. i also made a cardigan with this yarn, just using a plain stockinette stitch.

i've done a few charity squares and tested a hat pattern, in the hopes that it would get me going again, but nothing seems to work. i know this feeling won't last long, and i'll be banging away on something new soon, it's just a little depressing.

i even did a search on knitting and/or crocheting groups in my area and could only find one, and it's a knitting group, they specify knitters only, which i thought was really snobby and elitist--i mean come on people! what about those of us who do both? i'm surprised they didn't specify what colour or religion the people had to be, too! where on earth did all this animosity between crocheters and knitters come from anyways?