Monday, February 19, 2007

there's a reason

why they call it 'dead of winter'....

and no, i'm not talking about that spooky flick with mary steenburgen, jan rubes, and roddy mcdowall at his all-time creepiest--but i must say i did enjoy that movie!--the days are getting longer, but not any warmer...everyone i know is basically hibernating, except if they have to dig themselves out of yet another snowfall. even the dogs don't stay out for long, and who can blame them?

now i know that our winter out here started alarmingly late, but it has made up for it's tardy entrance with a vengeance, in both accumulation and temperature. all the more reason to stay inside and make thread snowflakes, or drink hot apple cider sitting by the fireplace (not that we have one, but doesn't that sound nice?), or read a good book, or watch a movie, or whatever blows your skirt up.


Wanda Kay said...

The snowflakes are very pretty. But the picture of your beautiful collie in the snow made my day.

flutter said...

I want to snuggle your puppy!
I miss the snow. Gah let me rephrase, I miss playing in the snow. Having to do anything else ie walking, working, living or shopping in the snow sucks.