Friday, March 23, 2007


i got tagged. with my very first meme.

my admirable fellow knitter and internet buddy sharon tagged me yesterday with it, and here it is:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what they are. They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

okay. here know, for someone who's life has basically revolved around music, i found this difficult, but without further ado and in no particular order of importance:

1. "Nowhere With You"-- The Joel Plaskett Emergency
this is probably the most dubious entry...i first heard this song on a tv commercial for, of all things, Zeller's department store last spring...aaack!!...i know, your first instinct is to laugh, but this tactic actually garnered a whole lot of fame and publicity for a group called The Bedouin Sound Clash the year before. Dunno about these guys as far as the fame and fortune thing, but this song is really catchy and infectious, how wrong can you go with lyrics like these:

Hey goodlookin! Why the frown?
You always look better when it's upside down
You say you've got nowhere that you're going to...can I go nowhere with you?

they are a group from Halifax, and they have that East Coast feel to them.

2. "Home"--Michael Buble
his voice is like velvet, the first time i heard this song i was in tears before the end of it because it was so beautiful. in this world of talentless composite 'singers' that have to have their voices run through filters and machines just to make them sound half decent, this guy stands so far out it's not even funny.

3. "Death on Two Legs"--Queen
it's Queen...nuff said. i love to listen to 'a night at the opera' while i'm doing dishes or cleaning the my opinion it's one of the best albums ever, right now i most love to belt out 'death' while i'm scrubbin the pots.

4. "Bad Timing"--Blue Rodeo
i love this song, so poignant, so personal, and it reminds me of things in my past and how they are better left there.

5. "I Will Follow You Into The Dark"--Death Cab For Cutie
the power of the internet is fierce. i wouldn't have even known about this song unless i had seen the link for the video on flutter's blog. they mention my hometown in their song, who wouldn't love them?

6. "Fall At Your Feet"--Crowded House
i was a massive fan of both C.H. and Split Enz in my angst-filled adolescence, what can i say, i still am.

7. "Somedays"--Jacksoul
another song i love to belt out in the kitchen, this guy's got some pipes.

and now for the tagging....i guess anyone that wants to be tagged can consider themselves tagged, and most specifically, Pammy, if you are reading this, you've been tagged. Luv, me :o)

Saturday, March 17, 2007


yet another first for chez kay & cee, but i'll start with a little background for those who are unaware of the magical animal drawing powers our little property has...

when we moved here, we were just settling in and starting to do yard work and all that, and were very surprised to see little rabbits hopping on our side lawn. We were both amazed that here, in the middle of this street, smack dab in the middle of this (albiet small) city, not even close to any woods or conservation area, we would see a bunch of rabbits! time went on, as it tends to do, and we continued to see animals of all different sorts, like raccoons (not that unusual as they do love their garbage and recycle pickings) there was a bear loose one summer but thankfully it didn't come to our yard, and then one fine spring day 3 years ago cee was again out in the yard raking up winter kill when he looked to his side and saw a duck sitting right next to him like it was the most normal thing in the world! now as some of you know, this duck came every day to sit in our yard and visit. i became very attached to this duck and named her jemima (after beatrix potter's story) and fed her bread crumbs. she came every day for 3 weeks that spring, and even brought her drake and a few others to visit. keep in mind that we live in the middle of a long through street, in a city, nowhere near wetlands or countryside. imagine how amazed i was last spring when jemima returned! as before, she came to visit almost every day for about three weeks right around easter. i can only half expect to see her again this year.

i'm digressing...anyway, with the 'good' also comes the 'bad'...we have lost track of how many times cee has had to take his car in to have mice removed from the air filter or heater vents...he is known to the repair shop as only 'The Mouse Guy'...they cannot believe that we don't live on a farm or in the country, becaused this 'only' happens to people that live out in the country or on a farm....tell that to cee's car...

i can only guess that is why, when i drew up my kitchen window blinds a couple days ago, i saw, not less that 3 feet away mind you, one of these sitting on our brick barbecue. it wasn't that particular one, i have linked to a picture of a peregrine falcon, as the event went a little something like this;

me: (roll up blind, see ginormous bird of prey 3 feet away) "Oh!! Holy S**t!!"

ginormous bird of prey: (turns and looks right at me in the window, DOES NOT fly away scared)

me: (almost wetting pants) 'man i should go grab my camera!' (still stand there looking at big, scary bird)


me: (thinking) 'i probably won't have time to get the camera and get back before it--hey, what the heck is it doing here--aww crap, does this mean the mice are back?!'

g.b.p.: (turns and looks at me again) i swear it winked!

noisy people across street: (making various getting-in-car noises in between talking loudly in a foreign tongue)

g.b.p.: (looks across the street, looks down at the patio, flies away across next door neighbour's yard)

me: silently curse noisy people, spend a good portion of time looking up what kind of scary bird was sitting in our yard.

i'm no bird expert, but the peregrine falcon looks most like what i saw, and from what i read, is the most likely suspect. i was again amazed that such a thing would appear in our little yard, but i was also a little bit freaked out because i thought 'what if i had let the dogs--most particularly the killer shih tzu-- out' and that thing was there, but then realized that there's probably no way it could cart off an admittedly overweight shih-tzu, or a 70 pound collie....still, visions of hitchcock go through my head...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

calorie counting

i finished my calorimetry head band and had enough yarn leftover to make myself a pair of super warm mittens:

i must say, the calorie was completed in very short order, ie: it doesn't take very long to make at all, which is nice, if, like me, you have A.D.D. when it comes to knitting and crocheting projects. the headband and mittens are ridiculously warm, which came in handy, since march has most definitely come in like a lion around these parts, with average temps this past week hanging around MINUS 35 with the windchill (that's around -31 to your fahrenheiters)
so much for our mild winter.

here she is all 'did' up with a fancy shmancy button i found in my sewing box...i think it was a leftover from a jumper i made eons ago for my neice, who now probably wouldn't be caught dead in her aunty's homemade clothes, but hey, they were great when she was a little gaffer.
i had yet still more leftover yarn, so i've started a hat using the magic loop method, however this will be a scrappy type hat as i don't have enough yarn to finish, and my remnants in that yarn weight are a little scarce, so it will probably look most fugly when it's completed, but who cares, for me it's the process that's important, and i'll wear it with pride (while they drag me away to the nuthouse) and say in a loud singsong voice, "i knit this using the magic loop method!" and everyone will applaud...or laugh, either way...

time flies when you are having fun...or something like that...

it was exactly one year ago today that i started this blog! i thought i missed it by a day, but nope, it was this very day last year that i first said 'everybody's gotta start somewhere'...and so i did, and so it was. happy blogiversary to 'By Hook or By Crook'! thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read and comment, it means a lot!

yeah, yeah, whoopee ding dong, where are the snacks?!