Wednesday, February 28, 2007

too bad i can't crochet or knit

gasoline, because all of a sudden it seems to be in alarmingly short supply around here...due to a single refinery fire in sarnia, and a so-called cn rail strike, gas stations all around are (gouging) hiking up their prices and either running out of gas altogether or raising the prices even higher and still running out of gas. a "politician" called our situation 'very dire', and said that alarm bells should be going off around this province to wake up everyone to the crisis...what do the politicians care though, they get chauffeured wherever they want to go at the tax payer's expense, so do they really give a rat's behind if normal, every day people are getting into fist fights while waiting hours in lines for gas that they will be paying 40 percent more for this week than they were two weeks ago? who would have ever thought a single, solitary oil refinery fire would bring this leviathan province to its wobbly knees and threaten to cripple its very every-day existence? or is it more likely that the oil companies will use even the smallest excuse to jack up the prices on gas, leave them that way and then slowly--ever so slowly--lower them just a tidge over an extended period of time only to find yet another excuse, like someone farted on an oil rig in the north atlantic and because of that the supply of gas will be limited, to raise them even higher? you be the judge.

when all else fails i make dishcloths

nothing else i make seems to give me the satisfaction, 'warm fuzzy' or instant gratification of making a simple dishcloth.

my current favourite pattern is the ball band pattern from the mason dixon knitting book. if you don't have the book, you are in luck though, because you can get the pattern for absolute free, thanks to your bestest buddy, 'the internets', check the bottom of my post for the link to the most amazing warshrag pattern you will ever make. really it's lots of fun and very easy to memorize.

for the sake of (sanity) decluttering, my 'living room stash'--or 'mt. kiki' as cee refers to it--has all been put away and i've kept only a 'couple' projects out handy to work on, anything i could stuff & cram into my knitting bag, plus an enigmatic blanket for some yet un-named someone. i have found i can stuff a lot into my knitting bag...insert your filthy jokes here...and this way my stash will get used up more....yeah, that's what i keep telling this morning, i decided that

this little ball of softy deminy goodness

may yet soon be turned into calorimetry from knitty winter '06, it was just calling out to be made into something.

if you like the simple things like me and can't live without making the ball band dishcloth, you can find the link to the pattern right here.

if you are curious as to what in the heck calorimetry is--other than the scientific term, that is-- you can find the pattern at knitty.


Sharon said...

LOL--great "gas" rant. Gas prices are raised and lowered so capriciously, it's like a butterfly effect--not only lines and short tempers, but if the prices go down slightly, people don't buy hybrid cars. It's all so intensely stupid.

I am also luvvin' the Mason-Dixon washcloths you knit. Very satisfying to make. They're like potato chips, can't have just one :D

Grandma Pam said...

Do I ever LOVE the boxed pattern, I wish I could knit as well as you... I get to the point where I'm a third of the way done, drop a stitch and end up tearing the whole thing apart, frustrated as all get out... LOL

Wanda Kay said...

I think the dishcloth looks great, and you're right, that's one of the best projects to make for fast gratification.