Friday, January 12, 2007

flakey friday

well this week we finally got some of that white*w...happily though it's already melted. and you know, for the whole 48 or so hours it was on the ground, people around here were actually complaining about it, too! the nerve. all gone now, but there are promises of more to come this weekend, just in time for someone's (who shall not be named) birth anniversary...of course, the weather always turns crappy on that day, probably to go with the mood of the person who's turning a year older, although this person--let's just call her 'k' for want of a better name--refuses to acknowledge said day and will definitely not acknowledge getting older, in fact will only admit to turning 29 for the umpteenth time.

in any case, i are some more of my woman-made sn*wflakes, which i have decided i will showcase on least for this week:

i got the patterns for these in multiple places, a lot are free online at the cpc site, and a few were from books that i had, one in particular called '99 sn*wflakes' and the other was the 'tis the season for crochet' book that had the cute penguins in it.

if you were wondering (you probably weren't but i'll tell you anyway) the 'background' is a hand towel i had in close proximity and thought it would bring out the detailing of the flakes a bit...i know, i'm no annie leibovitz.

some of these are pretty small, so i put a loonie ($1 coin) up for comparison...they are a little bigger than a quarter i guess and can get lost easily...this happened with the one on the left...after i stiffened & blocked it and the others i was taking the pins out and somehow it just went missing...which made me think i was driving myself bonkers (it's a short enough trip), because it pretty much disappeared right before my eyes...cee was my hero as usual though and he found the pesky little thing hiding under a table hat (it's the curse of the table hat!), so i quickly put in the box with the others.


Sharon said...

I love 'em! Come next Christmas, I bet you'll be glad you made all those. Just smashing work.

It's the birthday of She-who-must-not-be-named?! Hot dog, I didn't know it was Alice Starmore's birthday!

Just kidding, of course. Here's wishing "k", whomever she may be, the best birthday ever.

Pammy said...

Once again you have amazed me by your talent K, I still think you should put up a booth so that you can share your beautiful crafts with other craft lovers! And once again, Happy Birthday kiddo, just remember, you are still a young, vibrant woman, you have many more years ahead of you, don't age yourself too quickly. :o)

Vik said...

Hi Kiki! Beautiful snowflakes and doilies!
I´m spending the whole month January at the beach -summer holidays here- that´s why I´m not visiting so often as usual here!

Vik said...

Oh, Happy Belated Birthday dear Kiki!!! Feliz CumpleaƱos!

kay said...

Thanks everyone so much for the compliments and the birthday greetings! :)