Wednesday, January 03, 2007

no visible flakes

funny i should name my first post of the year after a line i heard in a dandruff commercial, but in this case it really suits. i joined a thread sn*wflake crochet along on the 'ville and here are my first efforts:

these really are the only sn*wflakes you will see around here--right now, anyway--i admit i would much rather see these flakes than the real variety. i think shovelling a pile of these would be a snap.

i say the title fits, because for the first year in all of my there is absolutely no sn*w outside...oh we had years when it would melt early (chinooks are quite common and very welcome from where i originally hail) and then fall again, but this is different....this is...scary...creepy even. here it is january 3 and we have had not even one day of sn*w yet this winter...oh sure we had that half-hearted flurry in the beginning of october, but since then...nothing...around here we are all waiting for the other shoe to drop...people aren't really even saying the word "sn*w"--see, i'm even afraid to type it--lest a gigantic pile of it fall from the sky onto their heads. now, of course, one person's delight is often someone else's dread, or however the saying goes...this does put a hurt onto some of the businesses around know, wintery-type activities like ice fishing, sn*wboarding, skiing--although what they call 'ski hills' out here leaves much to the imagination--could be i'm biased though, growing up with a view of the rockies out our kitchen window...but here in canada we are nothing if not creative, and for the times when mother nature doesn't cooperate, as long as it's cold enough, we have a little thing we like to call a sn*wmaking machine...which i suppose i have become for myself. if these are the only flakes we see this winter i don't guess it would be too horrible...just a little spooky.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! Such patience you hawe! I would probably have thrown them across the room before finishing them!

Great job, and thanks for the kind words about my pup!

Sharon said...

what splendiferous crystalline specimens!

(if you're not going to say the "s" word, I'm not either, lol!)

kay said...

Hello Celleen and Sharon! Thank you for stopping by and complimenting my flakes!

Colleen, they are pretty quick projects, so before you can think of chucking them across the room, they are done! :)

Sharon, your impressive verbosity has me in stitches! :)

Joni said...

I love your snowflakes! I'm not afraid to say it, lol. I checked the weather forecast for my area of NYS yesterday, and it predicted that this Saturday's high temp. will be in the 60's. In January! That is downright creepy.

kay said...

Hi Joni! Thanks for stopping by!

It seems like we are all in the same boat, in this part of the continent anyway. We aren't quite your balmy 60's, but it was 10 C (around 50 or so F) here the other day and yes...if it wasn't so nice not to have to wear the winter coat out, I would call that pretty creepy for January, especially when the norm is -5 (23 F)...but hey...who's complaining?!? use of the four-lettered word sn*w here! :)