Wednesday, May 10, 2006

yo-yo mahhhhh

so i started a new scrap afghan--or scrapghan--last night, thanks to my new friends at the crochetville forum. there was a crochet-along thread there started by one of the ladies and she posted some patterns to inspire, and one of them is called a 'yo-yo afghan', i suppose because you make little circles (resembling yo-yo's, clever, eh?) out of all your scrap bits of yarn and then join them together with one main colour (in my case, black). i have been secretly thinking of them as lollipops, and will probably call it my lollipop afghan, but that's neither here nor there...i was a bit confuzled (no big surprise) as to the joining methods posted on the link, but once i wrapped my head around it i was excited to start. these are super easy to make, and you can make one in no time at all (in my case, about a minute or two) depending on how fast or slow you crochet. the really nice thing about this is they take up very little yarn, which is good, because you need about a gazillion of them to make an afghan, plus if you are carting them around they take up almost no room in your bag or purse...and anyone that knits or crochets with any regularity probably has bags and bags of balls of various sizes of yarn in all different colours and weights, too much to throw out, but not enough of which to make a project--so this is just perfect!! i'm currently working on a knitted sweater-type thingie, and since it takes me

four times as long to knit something as crochet it, it gets a little tedious, and this is just the right project to work on when i get bored of knitting row after row of stockinette. there will be no rhyme or reason to this ghan...the only rule i will set is i won't join two of the same colours together, otherwise anything goes...hopefully it will look pretty...and if it isn't pretty, well, at least it will be warm!


Stephanie said...

I love your YoYos! Can I ask, what goes between the YoYos? If you wonder why I ask, click onto my blog and look at my Profile. I have a larger version of a Yo Yo! Keep up the great work!

kay said...

Hey Stephanie! Thanks for checking out my blog...I'm using the "flat braid" joining technique to join the yo-yos, which is listed on the yo-yo afghan link on the cpc site. They actually list two different ways you could join them. Your afghan looks great!!