Monday, May 22, 2006

laugh if you must

call me a tree-huggin' hippy if you want, but since i moved to this province, i've become somewhat of a recycler...the program they have here is really excellent, and made me ashamed of the amount of things i would just throw out without a second thought before i came. mind you, the logistics of 'free' recycling in a small town are a heck of a lot more easy to wrap your head around than that of a large city. in that spirit, i decided to try crocheting with, of all things, plastic shopping bags....insert giggle here...yes, i remember hearing from a lady i worked with about a century ago that people actually crocheted with plastic bags...i remember snickering at her saying this, thinking what a silly thing that would be to do...well i suppose i be snickering out the other side of my face now:

there is a process you go through, you have to make the 'yarn' by cutting up the bags and looping them together...some even get really creative with colours and such, but i just used grocery bags--about a million and a half of them. yes, there it is; a shopping bag made out bags! har har...suitable for taking along to the beach, the farmer's market, the corner grocer, or the nuthouse!

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