Saturday, April 29, 2006

hello dolly

so another first for me...i seemed to have ventured into the world of 'amigurumi', which is a japanese phrase that means "crocheted or knitted doll"--or so i'm told. this little dolly was a free pattern on Annie's Attic site today, and i just thought it was so cute i had to try it. I've never made a doll or toy before in crochet, but the pattern was really simple to follow and didn't take up alot of my yarn stash.

in a weird way, she reminds me a little of my 'drowsy' doll i had way back when i was too young to remember how old i was when i got her...i'm a little rusty on embroidering, especially faces free hand, but i think she came out okay, and i really like her little blond curls. some may question the wisdom of making toys, as i don't really have anyone to make them for, but i guess i made it for myself--to see if i could. i suppose i should clarify that the site did not exactly call this 'amigurumi' as such, but it resembles the various toys i've seen displayed on the net on other peoples' blogs and forums. oh, and an update: i've named the sock monkey 'nigel'--cause i kept humming the song 'making plans for nigel', by xtc, all day yesterday--yes, yes, i should be locked up for sure.


Pammy said...

Wow, I'm very impressed Kiki, you did a fantastic job with this doll and the sock monkey! I believe you have found your hidden talent my dear :o)

kay said...

aww shucks, thanks for saying that :) I sure had fun making them!