Saturday, May 27, 2006

just for kicks

another first for me: i learned how to make socks!!!!! aren't you gasping with excitement?!? it's a good thing you're sitting down then, isn't it?

the sock has been an enigma to me, i was afraid, okay well not afraid--maybe 'hesitant' is a better word--to try a sock pattern because i thought i wouldn't be able to figure it out, that it would end up looking like some hideous 'circus freak' of a sock-thing that would offend people's delicate sensibilities, and therefore have to be burned ceremoniously and buried 10 feet down in consecrated ground under a full moon during the autumnal equinox, so as not to cause a bad harvest or annihilate the livestock...but really it wasn't that bad at all:

never mind the fact that cee says they look 'like giant baby booties'--which i kind of agree, can't you just picture the commodiously enormous toddler these would fit?--they are quite cozy and soft. i used some extra baby yarn i had left after the frothy baby perseverance sweater (see lemon sorbet) instead of official 'sock' yarn, because i had convinced myself i'd just have to rip it all out when it went horribly wrong anyway, so why bother to use the good stuff. bah, i say!! bring on the sock yarn!

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