Tuesday, May 16, 2006

la grand couchon

this little piggy stayed home...i couldn't resist trying out this pig pattern that was posted by one of the very talented ladies on crochetville. it was an easy little pattern and worked up quite well i think. sctv fans will recognize the title of this post, as for some reason i kept remembering the sketch about the restaurant "la grand couchon"--or 'the big pig' for us anglos...sounds so much more refined en francais, n'est pas?-- where all the 'larger' stars went to eat...the one that served the giant portions and eventually fell off the side of the cliff, due to all the "girth" inside..."ramone, these bread sticks are getting smaller!!" all the while crocheting this cute little porcine friend.

his shih-tzu friend seems nonplussed, but then, they usually are--that'll do, pig.

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