Thursday, April 13, 2006

lemon sorbet

finally! it's done done done...the innocent-looking sweater that became my nemesis is complete. one gaffe on the front which is completely obvious to me and probably no one else, but it is finished, thank goodness. this sweater, the pattern for which came from a vintage (circa late 60's-early '70's by the look of it) baby book from the uk that cee's mum gave me, is called a "lacy matinee coat", but i have renamed it "perseverance":

what's that you say? yes, i had the buttons for this one. picture should be clickable to see the pattern in all it's lacy confounded glory...again this is made with some antique baby yarn i had leftover from a project from days gone by. perhaps when that little moppet has little moppets of her own this sweater will be gifted to her. in the meantime i'm thinking of framing it.

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