Tuesday, April 11, 2006

will she or won't she?

i saw my sweet little jemima's hubby drake waddling around across the street yesterday...i wonder if she will visit us again this year? it was this time last year she decided to make our front yard her resting place. she visited every day for a few weeks, staying longer and longer each time, partly because we were putting out bits of bread for her to eat, and i named her jemima, after beatrix potter's jemima puddle duck. then we got worried that a couple of the neighbourhood cats would come and eat her, because she was so docile and seemed really tame, she let me get to within a foot of her and wasn't bothered at all. she brought her hubby to visit too, a mallard drake i just called "drake". at this point they seemed to be attracting the other neighbours attention, and one evening we had 4 ducks waddling around our lawn. after that they went away, probably to do their nesting and such, and we didn't see them anymore. this picture was taken on our front lawn right by our front window, where she liked to sit.

i'm still working on that frothy little sweater that gave me so much gyp. the pieces are all complete (there is one obvious goof but i'm just too sick of looking at it anymore to rip it out and fix it) they just need to be sewed up, that is the part i hate the most. i'm sniffing around a crochet sweater pattern for myself, which will be a first, as i've never made either an adult sweater or a wearable for myself before. i hope i can figure out the pattern. in the mean time we are still hoping for dry dry weather, as our roof will not be done until mid-May at the earliest.

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Pammy said...

OMG she came back! Awww I wonder how many babies she'll have this year? Make sure to get pics of them when/if she has more :o)