Tuesday, April 25, 2006

it's not that easy being green

so here it is....the first "grown-up" sweater i've ever made in crochet...excuse the crappy pictures, but as i've said before, i'm no photographer. this sweater pattern was from a book called 'from knit to crochet'...a way to make knitted-looking patterns with crochet stitches, or so the theory goes. anyway, without further ado:

and a little close-up of the cabled pattern. from the full view picture it looks like the one side is longer than the other, but this is just a trick of how the sweater was hanging/draping...really it's straight, lol. the sleeves are a little too long for me, and the pattern panel seems to curl up a wee bit at the bottom, but then i had a good look at the picture in the book and theirs did the same thing, so i don't feel so bad. this is the first pattern that i've followed in which i actually found a couple of errors--mostly typos i suspect, but still, any novice would get frustrated following it. the rating was easy and front post doubles (which made up the pattern panel) are not easy to do, not if you don't know what you're doing anyway. also the trim calls for reverse singles, which are really awkward to do as well, especially for a so-called 'beginner' so i don't know who they think they are foolin', cause it ain't me. this sweater is super-dee-duper warm, too, like only wear in the dead of winter warm, still--next winter look out cause you may see me wearing this green monster. then you can run screaming the other way...suddenly i have an overwhelming craving for an avocado...peace out.

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