Wednesday, October 04, 2006

that old feeling

it's been one of those weeks...i've started and frogged at least 4 different projects, started a crimson cardigan (the pattern states it's easy) and made not one, not two, but three errors in the first 3 inches (it's worked in one piece to the armholes) and had to rip it all out--yes, my working on it every day for almost a week only got me 3 inches in...for a minute i actually considered leaving in the mistakes as they weren't that noticeable and i was feeling lazy, but i ended up with the wrong amount of stitches, and now it's all gone. i keep hoping i'll get some inspiration, but it looks like i've hit a slump.

i don't know if it's the weather--it's rained almost every day for the past two weeks--or what my problem is, but i just feel so blah and can't get into anything i've got going here. i look through all my patterns and search online and nothing seems to interest me.

i keep wanting to start an afghan, but we have so many here--now i know some of you are saying 'is there such a thing as too many afghans?'--but in my case i suppose there is...we have nowhere to put any more, and i'd make them for family, but sending them to my family and friends would cost a fortune in shipping, and cee's mum can make her own....dilemma, dilemma.

i did finish up a few things for my sister's friend's new baby:

i like the hat, it reminds me vaguely of jiffy pop, which we used to get when we were kids...the popcorn in the little metal pan and when you pop it on the stove the top of it expands like a big can still get it in some stores here. i also made a cardigan with this yarn, just using a plain stockinette stitch.

i've done a few charity squares and tested a hat pattern, in the hopes that it would get me going again, but nothing seems to work. i know this feeling won't last long, and i'll be banging away on something new soon, it's just a little depressing.

i even did a search on knitting and/or crocheting groups in my area and could only find one, and it's a knitting group, they specify knitters only, which i thought was really snobby and elitist--i mean come on people! what about those of us who do both? i'm surprised they didn't specify what colour or religion the people had to be, too! where on earth did all this animosity between crocheters and knitters come from anyways?


Vik said...

Hello Kiki! I´m sure this feeling will change soon! What if you start thinking about Christmas gifts? I hope I´m giving you a good idea!
How weird the knitting vs. crocheting thing! It´s ridiculous! I do both, like you. What´s the problem?

kay said...

Vik, you are always so nice! :) The feeling has passed like I knew it would. Yeah, this whole knitting vs. crocheting thing, I don't get it either!