Thursday, October 05, 2006

kicking my heels up

is this a sock i see before me?
well...not yet...but it very well could be...someday. maybe. thanks to some inspiration i decided to take the plunge into 'socktober' well, more like i decided to learn how to knit socks...i have crocheted them before, but never knit, always secretly coveting other people's talent for knitting socks.

you can see by the picture i have only just started, but so far so good...let's see how long it takes me to get stuck...i keep calling it the 'hot tamale', you don't have to tell me that it's not necessarily 'normal' to give inanimate objects names...but when i look at it i think 'hot tamale! i'm knittin' a sock!'


Jess said...

I'm doing Socktoberfest too. It's one of the first of this sort of thing that I'm doing. I joined Project Spectrum, but never really got my act together enough to pasticipate. The picture won't show up for me but I'm sure your sock is coming along well. Knitting socks isn't hard. Basic skills, just not the ones used often other than with sock knitting. (That said, I've knit two pair of socks and that's it, so I'm by no means the voice of experience here, haha!)

kay said...

That's weird that the picture won't show up for you Jess! I wonder if anyone else is not able to see it? Of course it shows up for me, cause I put it there...well I've only got about 2 inches of k2 p2 ribbing for the cuff so far in the picture, but I've about doubled that now.

ladylinoleum said...

I think it looks super girlie! Keep on needling!

Vik said...

YEAH Kiki! You can do it! I love the warm color you chose, to break the ice with knitting socks!
My God, the double point needles set is intimidating... all my encouraging from here! ;)