Saturday, October 28, 2006

baa ram ewe

well, 'socktober' is almost over, and i am almost done my second pair of knitted socks (blue ones for cee this time) i've been scanning the sock patterns ever since i picked up the double-pointed needles. it truly is addicting. my kitchener stitch is getting better with every sock, too, which is somehow very gratifying. yes, it really does take so little to make me happy.

i did a pattern test for one of the clever ladies at the forum:

this sweet little stuffed sheep doubles as a change purse, very cute and not hard at all to make.

who you gonna call?!

the 'mystery cal' on the 'ville concluded last week, and here's the result. this ghost with the most will most likely end up as a tote bag (with a similar, suitable spooktactular picture on the other side of course) or a basket/box lined to put treats in.

now that i've done a graph and changed colours (even though it was only 2) i am feeling a bit more brave and may tackle something a little harder...we'll see.

and, as promised, here's the 'scary backside' of the graph--no, i won't show you my scary backside, so stop asking, or relax, in case you were quaking with fear--it wasn't as scary as i thought it would be (flashback to youthful embroidery days, when mom always said 'the back of your piece should look as pretty as the front!'--this is why you don't see any embroidery work done by yours truly!)

this was a really fun way to introduce myself to this technique.


Vik said...

The little sheep is sooo cute, Kiki!

Wooo! Scary Ghost! You´re ready for Halloween now!

Wanda Kay said...

I think the sheep and the bag are great, can't wait to see your socks.

kay said...

Thanks Vik & Wanda! The blue socks are done, so I will post a pic (hopefully being modelled by their new owner) soon :)