Friday, October 20, 2006

one sock, two sock

and just like that, i'm a sock knitter:

socktoberfest rolls along...these things may be just as addicting for me as dishcloths...there's already a pair for cee on the needles right now. i must say, the tamale socks are very cozy to wear, and fit my feet the past the foot part would be too long in regular socks for me, because, you know, i have ridiculously small feet--although with age they seem to be growing...or is that just spreading--all i know is my shoe size is bigger than it used to be.

uh...what is that?!
this time i honestly don't know...but i have a sneaky idea what it might be. i'm doing this as part of a 'mystery crochet along' with a suitable 'hallowe'en-type' theme on the 'ville, hosted by one of the clever ladies there. We get 8 rows posted every day (you are looking at 16 rows there, hence two day's worth) i have been wanting to try a graph or intarsia project for a while, but could never summon the nerve--now it looks like i've begun one without realizing it. when it's done i will be sure to post the final result--including what the 'scary' back side looks like--no, not mine, the project's.


Jess said...

One of the best things about knitting socks is they are easy to change to get a good fit. I am still in the process of figuring out what will fit my feet well. Your socks look great! Congratulations on finishing your first pair.

kay said...

Ah thanks Jess!! I was quite excited that I followed the pattern with no hiccups and loved the instant gratification I got from completing them. :)

Vik said...

Hi Kiki! The socks turned out great! They look so cozy and warm! Congratulations!!! You did it!!!

(Woooo... the mistery project is coming soon!)

kay said...

Thanks Vik :) I have to admit it, I'm addicted to making socks now, among so many other things ;) The mystery CAL is done (well sort of) and I will post it soon :)

Colleen said...

I like your socks too, Kay!

Thanks for the correction...that's what I get for posting so early in the morning!