Thursday, March 09, 2006

no two snowflakes are alike

i was inspired just before christmas last year by the lack of snow in our parts, and by another great pattern found on the cpc site, so i made this afghan. can't you just feel the frosty, snowy majesty of it? allright, so it's inside, and the pictures aren't that great, but hey, i never said i was a photographer.

in real life, the afghan is a dark blue/navy, in the pictures it looks pretty black. overall i think it turned out well. cee was quite taken with it. it may be a gift for someone, i haven't decided yet.

a little closer view. in this case the snowflakes really are different, cause i made each one with my own two little hands.


Pammy said...

I love this blanket Kiki, I wish I could do as good of work as you do, how much do you want for this blanket? :o)

kay said...

glad you like it :) a million dollars too much? lol, really the price is negotiable, it all depends on what materials you use and how long it takes. being that i've never sold an afghan before i'd have to do some research.