Tuesday, March 21, 2006

brothers in stripes

this is the third knitted sweater i've made...seen first in the picture to the right beside its crocheted brother (crocheted one is on the left, made months ago as a prototype) i really must pick up some buttons. this is the knitted version of the same pattern. the white yarn used is the same in both sweaters, but the green is different as i didn't have enough of the minty colour to do the knitted one, so i used the limey leftovers from my pram coat, seen below in my st. pat's day post.

here is stripey alone. for the same size (preemie/newborn) the different versions came out very different...of course it could be my tension wasn't exactly to the pattern specs, but i prefer to think that it's just the difference between knit and crochet. a staple for every well-dressed newborn's spring wardrobe for sure.

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