Thursday, March 16, 2006

crazy for cables

so here is my very first knitted sweater and hat...a teeny bit hard to see in the picture, but it is a cabled cardigan and matching little hat in what is probably a newborn baby size, although i guess it depends on the size of the baby in question. it was my first knitting challenge, and i did quite well until i got to the neck edge, which totally confused my crocheter's brain. luckily cee's mum was here and, being the knitter she is, was able to help me with what turned out to be a very simple conundrum. all it needs to be officially done is some little buttons. i'm fairly happy with how it turned out:


Pammy said...

Aw what a cute outfit, and WOW you do excellent work K! I wish I had half the talent you do :o)

kay said...

why thank you! you are too kind :) and it really isn't as hard as it looks, as i'm slowly finding out, lol.