Saturday, December 22, 2007

the most wonderful time of the year?

I just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and yes I will say Merry Christmas(although the P.C. police will probably pull me over for that, but what the heck) to all you faithful readers, and everyone else who stumbles upon my weird corner of the universe. I probably won't have the chance or much time to post again this year, but you never do know.

I decided to showcase some flakes on the tree this year, and then realized that I gave away most of the ones I made, so it's a bit of a "Minimalist" theme. Oh well, it's less to take off I suppose.

I'll probably be working on the endless list of WiPs that I have during the festivities, when I'm not baking or cooking or doing any of the other millions things you have to do around this time of the year, two of my current projects are pictured below:

This is a cable & bobble scarf, that when complete is supposed to be for me, but there have already been mentions of it being stolen, so who knows.

And just in time to not be completed for Christmas:

The inevitable nordic Christmas stocking, which is my first official Fair Isle project--fun but time consuming, and of course I find myself overly critical about the stitches and keep unravelling...oh well, perhaps Cee will be able to hang it up next Christmas?

So have a wonderful time with your family and friends, make sure you eat and drink too much, laugh too loud and dance really goofy, but if you see one of these little guys cavorting your way during your merry making,

Perhaps it's time to call a cab.
Ho Ho Ho and all that stuff. See you all next year!


flutter said...

You know what I wonder, friend? Would I maybe be able to talk you into letting me pay you to make one of those elephants for me, but in gray?

Love all of those snowflakes,too hon they are gorgeous.

Sharon said...

My coworker just started making knitted snowflakes--they're pretty cool, but just between you and me, your crocheted snowflakes are the most amazing ones I have ever seen. I also love the Nordic Christmas stocking! Red and white really shows off the pattern and it looks great.

Merry Christmas to you and Cee, Kiki--and a very happy and prosperous New Year. Great big hugs--Sharon

Anonymous said...

Those snowflakes are wonderful! I love them! And the elephant? OMG so cute!

Merry Christmas*

Kisses from Portugal*

kay said...

Ah, you are all too kind, thanks again for visiting and leaving such wonderful comments!