Friday, January 04, 2008

clean slate

Okay, so I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year celebrations? Honestly for me, it seems like it all happened so fast it never happened at all. Why is it when you are a kid it takes forever for Christmas to get here already and when you grow up it seems like it happens every two months, or is it just me? My head is spinning.

Our new year's eve was a quiet affair, which is just the way we like it. We thankfully said goodbye to 2007, which in all honesty was a really horrible year for Cee's family in particular, and so for us as well, so many odd and horrid things happened, we were just happy to see the back of it, frankly. I feel hopeful for 2008, which typically is not in my character. Cee is remaining cynical as usual. I couldn't help but feel my incongruous light-hearted outlook was warranted when the very first thing I saw on January first was this view from our upstairs window:

The picture does not do it justice, literally everything was covered in white. A beautiful clean slate to start the new year. Not a car or person in site, just snow blanketing everything I could see. I was awestruck and felt a real sense of peace and calm...for like two minutes...until I remembered that someone would have to shovel all that....stuff....and then I remembered that Cee was sick and that 'someone' would, in fact, be me, and then I felt like doing what the killer shih-tzu did when he got his first peek at the snow:

If you can't make it out, he's cocking his leg, not even a foot away from the back step, which was good, because if he'd ventured out much further he'd have been stuck or perhaps have disappeared. Happy New Year.

P.S.--I don't normally make a habit of photographing the dog peeing, really I don't.


flutter said...

Ok that picture made me laugh so hard I think I lost my lung

Sharon said...

Happy New Year, Kiki! Love the killer shih tzu--reminds me of Buster. in winter he takes one step off the back porch to piddle, then dashes right back into the house.

The world looks beautiful with a blanket of snow. They keep predicting it for our area, but we haven't seen any yet. Thank you for sharing those pics. May 2008 be a better year for us all!

kay said...

Hey Flutter and Sharon! Glad you liked the urination photo, I was laughing myself when he just lifted his leg right while I was trying to take a nice picture of him in the snow.

Amen to 2008 being a better year for all, you can say that again!

Vik said...

Happy New Year, Kiki! I agree with you about last year, and I join you with best wishes and hopes for this new one.
I came to visit you and... I get cold watching your pictures! ;-) I send you some sunshine from here!

kay said...

Hi Vik! It must be strange seeing that snow since you are in summer mode! That snow is now all melted, believe it or not.