Saturday, December 01, 2007

fair and foul

Okay, so don't laugh...or do laugh, it's completely up to you...I decided the other day to try something I'd been scared to do...don't ask me why, I just figured it was going to be beyond my capabilities as a somewhat new knitter. Anywho, as I was saying, the other day I got it in my head to try something scary, and that something scary-ish was fair isle knitting. Now, I'm not that seasoned a knitter, and from what I can tell, and what I've read and been told, knitting fair isle is usually done in the round, so I took my little chart, (of which I'm also not that experienced in using in either crochet or knit) some yarn and I sat down and here's what came out:

I actually had to look up how to carry yarn across in knitting, because I just had no idea (I can hear those snickers and snorts you know!) I know how to in crochet of course, but...well anyway, I was excited that it turned out--sort of--but wondered if the back side was really supposed to look like this:

And then I said out loud (to myself, 'cause that's what I do) "Oh, I guess that's why fair isle is usually done in the round"...??)

I decided like this fair isle stuff, I just may try it again.

Since our foul weather seems to be sticking around, and because I thought they were just too cute, I knitted myself a pair of the 'Subway Mittens' featured in the Winter 2007 Interweave Knits.

Because you just can never have enough mitts...


Cass said...

THUNK. (that's me falling out of my chair in shock.) That's your FIRST attempt at Fair Isle!??! Good lord Kay! It's AWESOME! I tried it and, ummm, well, let's just say it made my eyes bleed and I had to burn it. YOU RAWK!!! that's amazing. Seriously. Could you teach me please!?!?! and what yarn did you use for the mits?

Sharon said...

Kiki, you are an inspiration to me! I know very few knitters who can sit down with a book or chart and come up with such great work on their own. It was especially refreshing to see what you taught yourself to do after the past couple of days at the yarn shop with students who don't want to venture beyond garter stitch scarves. Knit on, O fearless one!! :)

kay said...

Oh man, you guys are too kind! /me is blushing!

Wanda Kay said...

Knitting so time consuming, but you did a beautiful job on the snowmen, and the mittens look so warm. Just right to make a snowball and have a snowball fight.