Saturday, November 24, 2007

snow squalls

Alas, the inevitable has happened...we have our first snow of the year...well the first "permanent" snow anyway. It's quite cold out too, which, I suppose, goes along with the whole snow thing, but it's still a bit of a shock, seeing as how we've had an insanely warm, even hot Fall this year. With the snow comes the annual parade of "people who forget how to drive on snow" accidents--you would think most people who have lived in a northerly clime most or all of their lives would remember that ice is slippery--and news of people keeling over whilst shovelling stuff.

Anywho, I have been churning out thread flakes like there's no tomorrow, mostly for giving purposes, here's a look at a few:

In case you are wondering, yes, they are all the impossibility in Nature as it were, so let's just call it a craft anomaly, which is merely me using the same pattern because it was easier than switching between four or five different ones, especially when you have a bunch to make.

In between crafting the snow storm in my living room, and dealing with everything else that life can throw at a person, I managed to procure Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts magazine, and even though the practicality of this is a leetle bit dubious in my mind, couldn't resist making one of the garter mug cosies:

The reason I questioned the practicality is because I figured this would have to be thrown in the wash all the time (especially if the person who is using the mug/cosy is me) and I think the pattern actually called for 100% wool...which went completely against my better judgment, so I just used some of 'me old suckrylic' I had hanging around, and I think it looks purty good if I do say so myself...I won't say what Cee thought of it...only that he asked me to please not make a 'diaper' for his cup, too. That is Tigger (Tee Eye Double Guh Err) on the cup, by the way, I'm not exactly sure how he feels about it, he's not talking.


Vik said...

Pretty picture! Dark blue sky and your snowflakes!
You know Kiki, I thought the same as you about the mug cozy pattern! Anyways it´s just for one mug -not for all of them!

Brie (Wibit) said...

I love the snowflakes!!! They would look stunning hanging in a window. I like the mug cozy too but I dont drink any hot drinks but it makes me want to.......

Sharon said...

Gorgeous snowflakes, Kiki! Cee might call the mug cozy a "diaper" but I think of it more as a "bib". ^o^ Whatever it's called, it is very cute!