Sunday, June 17, 2007

not even close

I know I know, you are just waiting with baited breath to find out if I was able to finish that little sweater with the yarn I had left, right? What do you mean "No actually, I couldn't care less?!" Humph! Well, humour me at least while I expound to you the harrowing tale of "The Cable Sweater That Almost Wasn't"...

Once upon a knitty time....nahh, really I finished with more than enough to's the proof:

And here's the pudding:

I had quite a bit of yarn left over, more than I thought I'd have. Not enough to make a hat, but perhaps enough to start one. This is fast becoming one of my favourite little baby sweaters to make. I found the pattern in a book by Coats & Clark, and it was actually the first pattern other than dishcloth or hat that I attempted when I started knitting about a year and a half ago, so this is my second time around. The sweater is about a 6-month size.

I seem to be knitting socks more and more, although they are usually for other people as I don't normally wear socks anymore. Give me my fuzzy slippers in the winter and bare feet in the summer. Socks are always too long for me, since I have freakishly small feet....small yet wide...not a good combination. I always used to end up having excess sock sliding back and forth on my foot. But then I found a great tutorial on how to customize a sock pattern in the amazing book "Big Girl Knits" I must say I love love love this book! Aside from said awesome sock tutorial, they have some really great patterns, and it's a pretty good read, too.

Anyway, armed with my new sock-customization knowledge, I took a basic sock pattern and changed it for my measurements:

I made a couple pairs of what I like to call 'slipper socks'. The multicoloured pair are a leetle bit on the loosey-goosey side--I forgot to take into account the fact that I knit loosely--I corrected for the blue--but I don't care, I like the fact that I feel like I'm not wearing anything on my feet when I have them on, and now I have a choice between barefoot and slippies.


Sharon said...

You did it with yarn to spare!! Congratulations Kiki! That sweater is so adorable. And I love the slipper socks. Isn't BGK the best?! I'm working on "Cherry Bomb"--except mine's green.

Nice FO's!

flutter said...

that is really just so cute! Lovely work, looks so cuddly

Vik said...

The baby sweater looks adorable! Very sweet. I know about the stress of not being sure, if the yarn will be enough! Maybe you can combine the small rest with light blue yarn for the hat?

Joni said...

That is a beautiful baby sweater! I especially love the cables around the wrists. :) Yaay for the socks, too!

Hel said...


I can breath again ;)

Lesalicious/Lost Journe said...

Just wanted to drop by and say HI and love the sweater very cute. Congrats on finishing it. :)

Wanda Kay said...

The sweater is absoulutely gorgeous, the pattern isn't too girlish, or boyish. Fantastic job.

The socks look great too.