Sunday, June 03, 2007

get yer sneak on

I just finished some sneaker booties--they might be for someone still 'baking' out West, perhaps?--or as I like to call them, 'shoe-booties' (for anyone that cares, that is an obscure "All in the Family" reference to the episode where Archie and Mike get locked in a back room or cellar (I can't remember which) and end up telling drunken stories, one of which was that Archie as a child was so poor that he had to go around wearing one boot and one shoe, so all the kids called him "Shoe-booty"--my brother and I got a kick out of that one and would say that all the time...I know, whatever...I was a child of the '70's, what can I say)

I modified the pattern a little bit to make them wee, they are from a book of family slippers--Cee actually has the adult version, made as a gag for him (you can see his in action here) the joke was on me though, cause he actually wore them until they wore out, and he is patiently waiting for me to mend of these days, dear, I promise.

Anyway, without further digression, here are the shoe-booties, presented for your consideration both with and without flash, just for kicks:

Without flash:

With flash:

They were a giggle to make and took almost no time at all. They make me smile.


Sharon said...

Oh mah gawd. those are the cutest things I have ever seen! Love the detailing and the little laces.

I remember "shoe-booty" too!

flutter said...

They are so adorable! They are really really well done

Vik said...

The baby boy will look so cute and cool wearing them! You know Kiki, I just knitted a pair of booties for a friend, but I followed my Grandma´s pattern -the same I do always... That´s why I didn´t post it in my blog, cause I posted the same too many times! ;)

Wanda Kay said...

They are so cute, whoever gets them will be thrilled.

ChrisKnit said...

Love these!!Found you through Quail Hill Knits. Great site!

kay said...

Ladies, thank you all so much for the kind things you say!!

Chrisknit, welcome! Nice to see new faces, and thank you!!