Sunday, April 22, 2007

you know it's spring when

Your "pet" ducks return for their annual visit. That's right, I think we can safely say this is no longer a coincidence. Jemima and Drake have come back for the fifth year in a row.

This picture was taken last April 18th, about two feet away from our front door. Who knows why they like our yard or street so much, (could it be our delicious bread crumbs?) but right around this time of year we see them, sometimes every day for weeks. Yesterday Cee remarked that the drake duck, whom I called "Drake" (I know, how original) was back, so I knew our Jemima was close by. I named her Jemima after Beatrix Potter's "Jemima Puddle Duck".

As nice as it is to see them, we always feel concern about the sometimes over-zealous kids around here, who have no compunction about approaching them--or respecting our lawn or gardens or other items, for that matter. Our next door neighbour told me the other night that we should have a "keep off the grass" sign...I kind of snorted and said that probably the only beings that would read it and heed it are our ducks.


Hel said...

She is lovely

Sharon said...

how cool is that, to have nature at your door so to speak. I love things like that. Glad they returned!

Lily said...

cute ducky!

love the name of your blog.

kay said...

Hello Hel, Sharon & Lily! Yes I'm quite taken with our ducks, and think it's pretty cool that they come back every year to visit.

Vik said...

The cycles of nature... how nice to have this visit every year!

kay said...

Hi Vik!

Yes, we are always thrilled to see "our" ducks!