Monday, April 09, 2007

april (snow) showers

So yeah. we've got snow on the ground...boy, we sure could have used that white stuff right around, oh, I don't know...Christmas time!! Wacky doesn't come close to describing the climate we've been having lately. When the wind chill is a factor at Easter, you know the summer is just going to be spectacular. Don't you just love this global warming thing?!

say hey...
So I may be blogging very intermittently for the next little while, due to a bunch of stuff we have going on here, so if you come visiting and there's nothing new don't be alarmed, I will try to pop in and update when I can. that some crochet and/or knit content?!

It most certainly is...this is a baby afghan I just finished, crocheted from one of my favourite patterns...this is the fourth time I've made this pattern. I had extra yarn left so I knitted a little hat and booties to match. I can't share the pattern for the afghan, because it's from a booklet I have, but I found the pattern for the booties here and the hat pattern here, just in case you feel the need to search out new patterns.


Sharon said...

What a lovely little baby ensemble, and I love the colors in it! Sorry the weather is so un-springlike there. I heard about the snow storms, and that some baseball games were cancelled due to snow. Apparently the players were making snowmen on top of the dugouts. :)

Wanda Kay said...

I love that set, i can see why you have made it so many times. The yarn you used was just perfect for the pattern.