Thursday, August 31, 2006

oh, i'm ready for it, come on bring it

what's that?! can it be? really is it? why, yes, yes it is! 'knuck, the first' is complete!!

ta da! take that, you knaughty knuck! where's the second, you ask? humph! you ask too many questions! the second...well, it's complete in my head, isn't that enough? i seem to have a case of 'second knuck syndrome'..oh, the shame of it will get done eventually, and maybe even adorned in some astonishing, spectacular way...or not. who knows...for now i'm happy with knuck the first...and i learned a valuable lesson.....ahem: 'when using a sewn cast/bind off--which was another first for me--, leave a LONG (ie: veryveryvery long) tail for sewing'...otherwise you will be most unhappy and bark obscene words about the room until the air is blue and then you have have to 'somehow' tie a knot (gasp)--wishing the yarn tail was longer just doesn't work, believe me--and work in even more ends than this project already i sound bitter? i also think i managed to join the thumb backwards or sidewards or some kind of wards, but it's done...and i think this graduates me to intermediate knitter at the very least...not that it matters.

the night of a thousand dishcloths

well okay, not a thousand....not even a hundred...more like 15 or 20, but how impressive would that sound?! plus, i didn't make them all in one night...that would just be impossible...not to mention downright silly.
i like making dishcloths...there, i said it. i know some people think that is so lame...but one person's lame is another person's fun and/or profit--ooh i can think of so many sarcastic jokes to put in this space--so we shouldn't judge...besides, there are people, and i'm not one of them, that make these little beauties and then actually sell them for actual money (like $5 a piece!?) and actual people actually pay that, just to have one of these how lame is it, really? dishcloths; the "crack" of the fibre arts world?

more news...we seem to have an.....ewwww...infestation in the house!! honestly, you'd think it was bad enough that our yard is the mecca for local wildlife, but now the inside of the house, too??

they look fearsome, don't they? quake in your boots, you hapless humans!!


Joni said...

Your knuck looks great! Good luck wanting to make the second one. :) Hey, I like to make dishcloths too. (It helps that I've never used anything else since I had my first kitchen.) That's an awesome pile of finished cloths!!

Joni said...

The ladybugs! I forgot to mention the ladybugs! Ladybugs have always given me the creeps. (I wasn't one of those little girls that like to play with them.) Your line of crocheted ones is hilarious.

Susana said...

Your knuck turned out great and the ladybugs are really cute.
I adore making dishcloths. I rarely ever use them. They just pile up and look pretty.

Vik said...

Kiki I love your ladybugs!!! About the "syndrome", don´t worry, you´ll do the second as perfect as the first one! (I do both at the same time, to avoid the syndrome...) Your dishclothes are very pretty, like them all!

kay said...

Thank you all for the kind words! :o) Ladybugs...well they are still BUGS after all, aren't they? I know a lot of people that are freaked out by them. I have to say I prefer the crocheted ones over the real ones though, LOL. Glad I'm not the only dishcloth maker, too!