Wednesday, August 09, 2006

i come from a land downunder...

here's a first on this blog...a picture of something crocheted that was not made by me, myself, or I...a teeny cute little platypus i received from cupcake--she of the tea cosy patterns fame--from crochetville. i won this pretty little lady in a trivia contest and she arrived with a super nice coaster and a postcard from australia today. here she is saying 'howdeedo' to the furry kids:

em...what's the story with the mattress on the floor?!

good question, and i'm so glad you asked...well it's on the living room floor because it was just too hot to sleep upstairs during this recent heat wave we've been suffering through...even with the a/c on...granted, we are not power hogs and keep our central air set pretty high, cause that's what they ask us to do to conserve..."they" being our "illustrious"--snort--governing body, even though our neighbours and pretty much everyone else around here have their a/c set so low they have to go outside to stop their matter how long i stay in this province i will never get used to the humidity in the know it's bad when the weather person flashes you a huge over-bleached smile from the tv screen and perkily says "it's only going to be 39 degrees today, nice and cool!" what the?? did i fall asleep and wake up in some lava-spewing volcano town where 39 degrees would be considered "nice" and/or "cool"?!


Vik said...

Hi Kiki! Love your dogs!!!
Humidity + heat = awful!!!
So nice from Cupcake, I´m happy for you!

kay said...

Aww, thanks Vik!! I will tell them, although they already have huge egos!! LOL. Yes, Cupcake is pretty cool with all her little shaggy dog stories and contests.