Saturday, August 12, 2006

not-so-sad sack

i made this tote bag/purse as part of a crochet along on the 'ville. the pattern is called 'tapestry tote', i'm not sure why...neither the one in the pattern nor mine looks much like a tapestry to me, but oh well:

this pattern worked up really fast, and took minimal yarn. it did take a lot, and i mean a lot of time to weave in all the little ends, which is about as high up there on my scale of fun things to do as having a root canal, but alas, that's always the case when you work with multiple colours.

i lined this one with a plain colour...i figured there was enough colours going on on the outside of it. i had considered using it as a purse but then thought i might get some odd looks especially from the younger generation....go on, say it; "you mean more odd looks than you usually get?!"

my original plan was to make this in cotton yarn and somewhere from thinking about it to actually doing it i ended up using regular worsted yarn, but i may do this one in cotton as well.

if you are interested in the pattern, you can find the link to it here.


Vik said...

I love it, it´s beautiful!
Thanks for sharing the pattern! I´m printing it right now! Great idea!

barbn77 said...

That's beautiful, i've only done 2 squares on mine so far :)

Barbn77 at the 'ville

Pammy said...

Hey Kiki, Nicole LOVES the knitted hand bag, she said she would love to have one in blue and white with a satin blue lining, if you can do that for her we'll PAY you for the material and shipping costs!

kay said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments! :o) Pammy, I can most definitely make one for Nic, it would be my pleasure!