Monday, June 19, 2006

give it some more welly

i do like a bit of gorgonzola! cee and i love wallace & gromit, so when a smart lady on the forum made a gromit and put her pattern up, i couldn't resist trying it out:

there were some challenges with this, mostly in finding the right buttons for eyes and nose...i ended up drawing pupils with a sharpie on 1/2 ball pearl shank buttons for the eyes. i'm still not 100% happy with the nose, and cee says both his legs (which aren't shown in the pic) and his ears are too short, but that is neither here nor there. i think i'll keep this one just as he is. now i believe i'll go and have a bit of wensleydale.

1 comment:

Sam said...

Do you happen to still have the pattern for Gromit? They took it off of Crochetville. :(
I sooooo want to make this for a friend of mine who introduced me to the cuteness that is Wallace and Gromit. Thanks!