Monday, June 26, 2006

all the cuteness, none of the rabies

so i finished another animal...another pattern by kristen. we get these little guys roaming around the streets on 'garbage eve':

one of my favorites is a feisty guy that seems to have lost most of his tail...i like to think it was in some sort of 'westside story'esque battle over some garbage 'turf', complete with hip moves and russ tamblyn as 'rif'...dancing it out for the rights to our recycle box...where is officer krupke when you need him anyway?

seeing raccoons is still a bit of a novelty to me, even though our yard seems to be some sort of mecca for wildlife...i keep waiting for the bear that was spotted a few weeks ago around here to show up for tea and biscuits...while they (raccoons, that is) are so cute and look even more adorable when they are waddling around, they have that sort of air about them that tells you they'd cut your heart out for a quarter and then bum a smoke off you before you died, if they were people, that is...these ones would probably just scratch and bite the hell out of you and pass along whatever life threatening illness they were carrying...and still bum a smoke off you before you died...

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