Saturday, June 10, 2006

clothy mcwipey

i made these clever little things as part of a 'crochet along' on the c'ville forum. betcha can't guess what it really is....

give up? no, it's not a pair of fancy pants for cee, the furry kids, or even me, it's actually two dishcloths that have been craftily tied together to resemble pants, or as i like to think of it; bloomers.

wouldn't your cuteness gag reflex just overload if you got these as an ingenious shower or hostess gift? i love the little poem that goes with them, there was no author on the site so i'm guessing it's one of anonymous's famous works;

Now don't get excited, don't be misled...
These pants aren't for you, but your kitchen instead.
So take off the bows, and pull out the stitches,
And you'll have two dishcloths, instead of the britches!
who wouldn't cry tears of pure joy after receiving this? well, unless they'd been sniffing glue or drinking heavily, probably everyone, but still...the cuteness!!


Cee said...

I don't think that they'd fit me.

kay said...

oh hun, you crack me up!