Saturday, March 15, 2008

make. it. stop.

Have you got any cheese? Because I'm going to whine about the weather--again....last time, least I hope!

It's been a winter of records, record snowfalls (we beat the one set sometime in the 1920's, you know, back in the days when they expected to be snowed in every year?) Record number days of snow (2 out of every 3 days there's been snow in the great) And lastly record accumulation from a single storm...that storm being last Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday, when it did not stop snowing for about 46 hours accumulation was somewhere between 40 and 45 cm (15-17 inches), to go with the 28 cm (11'') we got the past Tuesday.

We knew it was going to be a bad one, when I opened up the door Saturday night and saw this:

I went "Hmmm...", because this is our back door/stoop, which is two steps up from the back patio, so about 2 1/2 feet up from the patio. Notice that when I opened the door I actually had to push snow back away from the door...also notice that you cannot see either steps or patio...notice also that the dog is wisely refusing to go out....later on Cee decided even though there was tons of snow still falling he should clear a bit of a path for the dogs to go out and, you know, do their thing, and when he opened the door the killer shih tzu took a run for the outside and jumped, and promptly got stuck, in the ever-growing pile of snow. Said killer mutt then started to panic a bit, because not only was the snow he was stuck in up to his ears, but his feet were not touching the ground, so all he could do was sort of hang there suspended in the snow until his fearless daddy Cee tromped out to rescue him.

On Sunday we, along with probably everybody else in the city and surrounding areas, bravely went out to dig our way through.

Here is my car, cleverly disguised as a huge pile of snow.

Here's a bit of what we faced...picture me (I know it's hard cause there's no pictures of me) up to my thighs in snow (I'm 5'2") trying to shovel down the front path so we can get our bills delivered (wait...maybe I shouldn't have done that? Crap!) We were out all day shovelling. The wonderful neighbour (bless his heart!) next door came and blew out the bottom of our driveway with his snowblower, cause the pile was up to my shoulders and would have taken us hours.
Friends, the weather men actually had the nerve to tell us all that it wasn't over either! We are getting more snow yet this winter (Spring starts next week officially)...we actually got another 3" this past Tuesday...we didn't even bother trying to shovel it, because there's no where to put it.

All of this snow has made alot of people crazy here...they are calling it "snow rage"...there was a story of a man in Quebec that saw the snow plow coming down his street, so he went and got his shotgun and when the guy came close to his driveway he actually pointed it at the guy and told him if he plowed any more snow into the bottom of his driveway he was going to kill him....while I'm sure we've all secretly thought about doing this (especially when they do it more than once in a week!), I can't imagine someone actually doing it...they are blaming the weather, but I think it's just people behaving badly...maybe it's the preservatives...or the reality tv...I'm up for suggestions.

Meantime you'd think I'd be finishing a ton of knitting or crocheting projects, since we were snowed in and all, but really all I wanted to do was lay in the fetal position in bed and drink hot chocolate in between whining and sucking my thumb.


flutter said...

I kinda just want to dive off of your stoop into it and make a snow angel

Sharon said...

oh my stars. I'm worried about you! Whine as much as you need to, don't worry. That is just too much snow.

Hey Kiki, I wanna send you some yarn! Please email me: sharonfs AT comcast DOT! net, tell me what color(s) you like and where to ship. Belated birthday present. :D

Vik said...

Dear Kiki,

An Irish Blessing for you:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Happy St. Patrick´s Day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my... I want snow, but not as much! I must be careful with what I wish for... Be strong my friend! And careful with awkward neighbours. kiss*

kay said...

Aww thanks my friends!! Good is the first day of Spring...Bad's snowing!! (But not that much!)