Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well, now that the great expectation out west is imminent, possibly happening as I type, and now that the epic 'ghan of graph' has been sent and is quite possibly being received today by the infamous post system, I suppose I can finally post the crappy pictures I took of my first charted picture afghan. Adapted from a vintage filet thread crochet pattern for a carriage cover (although the practical side of me wonders why anyone would want a carriage cover made out of thread, but maybe I'm thinking carriage cover in some other permutation than it was originally intended back in the day of vintage thread filet patterns), anyway, I digress:

Here's the full frontal view:

And here's the close up views of the panels, such as they are:

The back is, mercifully, exactly the same as the front, except, you know, mirrored. There was much swearing and cramping of hands involved in this, but happily it is done and sent, and hopefully will be well received. Can you guess the sex of the baby??

Perhaps when Grammy Pammy receives this and baby is finally born (we are now 10 days over due and new little mommy is getting understandably cranky) and home, she might take mercy on me and post some decent pictures of Epic on her website...but no pressure...hint hint.


flutter said...


Holy cow, that is phenomenal!

Sheila said...

Can I say absolutely gorgeous!!! love it... love it. You did a fantastic job.

Vik said...

Kiki, this is a piece of art! It´ll be so much treasured, you did a fantastic absolutely pretty job.

kay said...

Aw, thanks all you guys for the compliments, it makes the effort worthwhile!

Sharon said...

OMG, that's amazing!! I am so proud of you, Kiki. You've made something that will be cherished for a long time.

Brie (Wibit) said...

This is stunning. I love it!!! How do you even start doing something like this!!!