Saturday, September 22, 2007

don't faint, i've got pictures!

Well hello there, it's me, Kiki's digital camera...I've been lonely for a long time because the computer that once so willingly accepted my images has gone to wherever over-priced computers go when they crap out. In any case, she finally got her stuff together and took me in to a place that could get my images off and put them on a cd....never mind the fact that the tech at the store said my memory card was 'so old she'd never seen one like it'--sheesh!--here's some pictures that Kiki took over the last few weeks...maybe I'll be getting replaced soon along with the computer, who knows...

Okay, enough of my camera's musings, here's a couple of pictures of my Mr. Bean-inspired bear I made a while back, here he is, lovingly named Legume:

As you can see by the DVDs, which we own, we are not fans of the show at all. Here's a bit of a close-up on his face and features:

I know what you're saying...Mr's Bean's bear had dark eyes, or sometimes no eyes at all depending on which show you were watching, but this was my preference, so I claim artistic license. He was shamefully easy to make, being that he is almost all garter stitch, and I found the pattern over at Knitting Pattern Central for anyone else who must now have teddy. A word on yarn choice, the pattern is written for dk weight and I used worsted, so my resulting bear is a little larger than the original, but it's just more of him to love.

And now some of my experimental tomatoes, of which the count is over 200, and a few more to come, so yes, 'The Great 'Mater Experiment' of 2007 has been successful, even resulting in a few conjoined tomatoes:

And here's a picture of the first 3 tomatoes that were harvested this year.

And I do have more pictures, but I'll just save them for another time. It's good to be posting images again.


Quail Hill Knits said...

I like the eyes on the bear. It gives it personalitiy!

Sharon said...

YAY!! I've missed your pictures, Kiki! "Legume" is adorable. And I was wondering how the 'maters were coming along--I'd say the Great Experiment was a success!

Vik said...

Cheers! The pictures are back!
I´m loving Legume! Very nice.
And... wow the tomatoes! Congratulations!

ladylinoleum said...

Totally *LOVE* the bear!