Wednesday, July 12, 2006

yee. haw.

since i moved to this province, every year about this time i drag out my old country tapes and listen...why? because it's stampede time again in my home's weird because i haven't been to the grounds since i was in my teens, and didn't really think much of it while i lived there, but i guess memories of going when i was a child with my brothers and sister and my favorite aunt come flooding back....the music? well i went through a 'country phase' in my early adulthood, and truth be told i'm a music fan, that's all kinds of anywhere you go in calgary at this time of year you will hear country music in some form...and the (drunken) revelry of tourists, and, truth be told, truant-playing office workers downtown looking for the next free pancake breakfast that serves vodka and orange juice at 7 in the morning...boy that takes me back...

anyway, in the spirit of my hometown festival, and because i thought they were just too cute for words, i made these little cowboy booties:

can't you just see a little cowgirl kicking up her heels in these? well maybe not, but they are least i think so...and so did casey and max when they tried them on...not.

here's some more dogs i made...two of which are off to kristen in minnesota, along with a couple other things for her hospital toy drive charity. yes, i'm well aware that dogs are neither pink, nor purple thank you very much....


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