Monday, July 24, 2006

knitty by nature

so i've been working on a few things lately...this first piece is a cute little romper...or at least that's what i'd call it...that's what they were called way back when i was young(er) and can remember my mom and other ladies calling them that....apparently now they are labelled by the unfortunate title of "onesies" or "diaper onesies" or some other derivative of that lame word, is it even a word??? I have serious doubts....who ever thought of calling them that i'd like to know? but i'm digressing with this any case, i think the finished product is really cute. it puts me in mind of those old fashioned men's 'bathing costumes' from the early 1900's. it is meant to be made from cotton yarn blends, so practical, cool and airy for summer. there are actually three colours in this little piece, although you can't really tell because i kind of made a poor choice of them...but in my defence, i was just using bits of this and is, after all, a prototype. in this case there is white, blue, and variegated...this was my first time working (in knitting) with 3 colours at the same time...let's just say it's frustrating and leave it at that...

this is the back...aside from being a teensy bit impractical in my opinion (buttons down the back but no leg opening/closure for easy diaper changes), i think the ease of having only one garment to remove for those times makes up for that i suppose if you were enterprising enough you could always alter the pattern and put a strip of snaps in the crotch region for that very thing. this was a free pattern that i found on the internet, on the knitting pattern central site. the pattern is by coats & clark. it took very little time to make and once i figured how it all went together (i think the pattern could have benefitted from a couple of well-placed instructional photos) it was very rewarding to finish. did i mention i don't like knitting with 3 colours at once?

here's another little matinee coat from the vintage uk book cee's mum gave me....this one is one of my most favourite so far of my knitted should be able to click to see the lacy effect on the yoke. this is the same variegated yarn used above in the romper. laid out like that it seems really wide and swingy, but when you hold it up it isn't as wide...i wish i had a little model to put it on...max won't hold still, lol. yes, if you noticed, i seem to have some sort of aversion to either acquiring and/or sewing on of these days i'll get a gross of them and spend several hours sewing them on.

last but not least (or last, i have a couple other things i'm working on but didn't take pictures...knitting takes way too much time, i tend to get bored of it easily and start other things, much to the chagrin of a certain person named cee) this is a little white sweater in progress. right now it kind of looks like a hot mess but trust me, it's going to be great....also a pattern from the vintage baby uk book...perhaps i'll try all 20 patterns eventually. i'm making this one with a very special person in mind. a person that doesn't even have a need of this right now but hopefully one day will and there will be a story to go along with it.

it's a little cardigan with a lacy diamond pattern panel on all the pieces. my gauge seems to be way off on it...the pattern states to fit up to a 3 month old...i have a feeling it will fit a new newborn and that's about it...maybe a one-time wearable, like coming home from the hospital or a first visit to see family or something like that.

our heat wave seems to have dissipated...for now, at least. i think the heat has affected my brain, which is bad news cause let's face it, my brain is probably already 'abby normal'...the other night it started pouring rain while we were out planting some 'things'--transplants from cee's mum's garden, dunno what they were--at first i went inside and then saw cee out there in the back by the rock garden under the lilac tree trying not to get soaking wet and all of a sudden i ran outside and started running around in circles on our patio with my arms out going 'weeeeeeeeee!!!!!!' while cee (who was now standing in the pouring rain, getting soaking wet) looked at me funny and the neighbours across the way--who are always outside watching--sat on their porch under their pergola looking like the aliens had landed across the street. then i went inside like nothing happened...i bet they had something to talk about after that...

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