Saturday, May 01, 2010


I'd like to start off by saying that Valerie's suggestion that I leave the tiny babies around the house for Cee to come upon unexpectedly--and thus be totally freaked out--made me about giggle my considerably-large-sized arse off!  I could never be that mean, however, 'cause I do love him, after all...and because I grew up with two older brothers, who took entirely too much devious joy in doing just that type of thing to me as a child...looking back I'd say that's where half my problems stem from...yeah, yeah, that's it....couldn't be anything I ever did or said...right?  Ahem......

My loving brothers took delight in doing things like blowing up black leather gloves and shoving them at me in the doorway to my bedroom as I was walking through, so I'd think someone was grabbing at me (you had to be there, it was scary!) or putting tabasco sauce on a lemon wedge and telling me it was a 'Danish Candy' and doing the literal ROFL (before there even was ROFL) while my eager chubby little hands stuffed it into my mouth...don't you laugh, it wasn't funny!  Well, I guess it was--to everyone but me...and maybe I fell for that one more than once--stop giggling, you!--but hey, I was 2 or 3 little...and you tell a chubby kid it's a candy and they will fall for it almost every dad didn't have to practically wet his pants laughing over it though...harumph...

Speaking of's the season of littles....the next little is due this very month in my hometown of Calgary.  Arrival date is technically May 18th, but this little (who is a girl, the first one in a while in my world--everyone has been making boys for years!) seems to want to make an early appearance.   I have previously blogged about the February baby sweater on two needles, which is destined for this wee one, but thought she should have some footwear as well, so I made some socks and some booties:

The booties are seamless, which I absolutely loved!  I embroidered some little pink daisies on them because they just seemed so plain to me....and I think this little deserves some May flowers, since she shall be a May baby.  The socks are a fast little knit that I've used a few times before. 

I acquired one of those ridiculously cute sock blocker keychains recently, and decided I'd make it a little sock with my leftover Yarn Pirate from Ishbel (which is blocking as I type this) started off swimmingly, but, well, a picture is worth a thousand words...or in this case; five:

Well, technically four words and 1 slang....I used the needles the pattern suggested, honest...and I knit very I can only guess that the yarn was too fine for the pattern!  I shall have to try again, and it only took mere minutes to make.

And this is what the Killer Shih-Tzu thinks of my knitting teeny socks:

Here's a link to the little bootie pattern I used:  Seamless Baby Booties (Top Down)

And here's a link to the little socks pattern I used:  Baby Cables Bootie Socks


Vik said...

Funny memories from your bros, Kiki!
Aw... how cute those booties and tiny socks!!!
And the shitzu... what can I say! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the botties and the picture of your doggie!!

Sharon said...

you're right, expecting something to taste good that tastes horrible isn't funny! :P

I love knitting for girl babies too!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

My brother was evil like that too!