Monday, February 02, 2009

six. more. weeks.

Oh yeah, that's right...the fat rat up in Wiarton, Ontario predicted six more weeks of Winter today...I don't know why I was so upset...oh yeah, that's right, I do...'cause winter sucks!! I thought last year was bad, but we must have been extra bad again this year. Sigh, oh well, it does no good to whine about it, and it doesn't even make me feel better. I thank Heaven everyday for our neighbour who bought the snowblower and does our sidewalk and driveway for us every time we get a dump, he's an angel, to be sure.

Aside from not blogging regularly (sorry!) I've totally been in to fair-isle/stranded knitting! I am currently making the "We call them pirates" mittens--sorry, no pics yet, I'm only half-way through one of them... but took a break to make up a couple of hats for Cee's elderly second cousin in the UK...sounds like she will need them soon because they got 30 cm of snow in London today...I think that much would shut the city down for sure.

The first hat I made was Shedir, from Knitty, this was a bit of a challenge for me, all the cables and twisties...

It didn't help that it called for dk weight and I just used worsted...the tension was a bit tight on the 3.25 mm needles...but at least it will be warm! The colour choice is hers....I'm not a fan of beige yarn...for some reason it brings out the anger in's not rational I know, but neither am I most of the time! She made the request by phone, and when I repeated the colour and style choices she wanted, she pronounced she couldn't understand me because 'my accent was too strong'....I guffawed laughing at that, because I've never been accused of having any kind of accent before, so I handed the phone back to Cee's mum and she 'translated'...I swear she didn't say it any different than I, but for some reason, her cousin understood....

My favourite part is the top of the hat, which reminds me of a Clematis flower or a Pointsettia. I think I did screw up a bit towards the top, as not all of the lines are meeting up as they should, and some of the twisties aren't that even, but I don't think she will care all that much.

She has a very small head (or so she says, I've never met her) so I whipped up a 3 am Cable hat for her as well. Talk about a fast knit.

You can see them side by side here...the 3 am is so much smaller than the Shedir, but it stretches like crazy, so hopefully it will be okay for her.

And lastly, my most favourite, made purely for the fun of it and not for an elderly British cousin:

If you are in to Doctor Who, you will recognize the Blue T.A.R.D.I.S. and the grey Daleks, with their metallic cries of "EXTERMINATE!!!" If you aren't into Doctor sympathies, as it's a most excellent should watch it, you'll like it! Or not, no biggie.
You can find all the patterns I used by clicking:


lexa said...

Love the hats, especially the Dalek hat! I read today in a thread on the Dr. Who group I belong to that the man who played the head Dalek for 16 years died. He was 82. It used to be so hot inside that he'd have to wear a t-shirt and swimming trunks.

I could strangle our Shubenacadie Sam! He made the same prediction -- 6 more weeks of winter. And we have a NorEaster coming tomorrow, starting in the morning. 25cm of snow -- not nice!

Sharon said...

Awesome hats, Kiki! You did your usual great job on all of them, but I especially love the Shedir. The recipient will be thrilled. I'm with you--have had it up to here with winter!

Vik said...

I like the three of them!