Monday, August 04, 2008

biting off more than i can chew

As usual. I decided to take part in all the fun of the Ravelympics. I'm a sheep, and like to be in on the action, and not be left out of the fun, because that brings up all kinds of painful childhood 'issues'...not really, but sort of...whatever.

So of course I entered not one, but two events, because I really am out of my mind (on a good day, anyway). The first project I wanted to do was from this pattern booklet:

Which is really old...I'm not sure how old, but definitely old enough to be considered vintage. The price on the book is .75 cents. I got it from Cee's mum. It was in a box of other patterns/magazines, etc. When I first started knitting, I tried to cypher out the pattern (it has lots of weird abbreviations that aren't explained like Wl.fwd---wtf??---and w.r.n. and w.o.n.) I couldn't figure them out and put the pattern down.

Then recently I saw someone had made this little sweater on Ravelry. It really is gorgeous.

And I decided to try it again...but still couldn't decode those weird abbreviations, except I kind of figured that w.r.n. meant 'wind round needle' and w.o.n. meant 'wind over needle' but the clue. From what I can figure out, I'm hoping all of them simply mean yarn over...what the heck. I just had a weird thought....the babies in those pictures are probably in their late 40's or early 50's by now.

My second project will be the Pomatomus socks from Knitty...I have wanted to do them for a while, too...I have no idea if I will be able to get even one of those project done.....let the madness begin.

P.S.--the writing you see on the second picture is not mine...I wouldn't ever write on a pattern, it goes against my Canadian upbringing...Cee's mum says it's not hers either...what a mystery. I don't suppose they had post-its back then...


lexa said...

That book has been around for a long time. We usually keep it in stock at the store. I did notice, however, that it's no longer listed on the Patons web site as being currently in print. That's too bad, it was an excellent sweater. I've seen many babies within the last five years or so wearing outfits from that book!

I used to have a bunch of pattern books that belonged to my grandmother who died when I was in grade five. They went missing years ago, probably when I was in high school (got a feeling my dad threw them out). She used to write on her patterns. I usually photocopy what I'm making and scribble on the copy.

Dave said...

Should be a cute sweater!

I think they all mean "YO" in today's language. Older patterns used to differentiate a YO when it was between two K stitches or two P stitches or a K and a P, but nowadays, it's all YO. :-)

Vik said...

Ravelympics will be alot of fun! Unfortunately I came too late to sign in, but I´ll be knitting as usual (of course!) and watching all of you!
Go Kiki, go!!!

Sharon said...

I love vintage baby patterns! Looking forward to seeing your project.

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