Sunday, July 13, 2008

turn turn turn

I wanted to thank all of you for the good wishes and thoughts about Cee's dad that you've been sending...

We said goodbye to Cee's dad last Sunday, July the 6th. There won't be a funeral as per his father's and mum's wishes. Things here are a bit disjointed, understandably. Cee told me that it didn't even feel real for him until he saw the obituary in the paper.

The important thing is that he is no longer lingering in pain from an insidious, debilitating, life shattering illness, and his immediate family is no longer living in torment, watching him slip away hour by hour. He is now free.

This whole experience has of course brought back memories of both of my parents' illnesses and deaths, and has been a trying time for all concerned. The only comfort Cee and his family can have right now is knowing that he's not suffering any more. And if you keep telling yourself that, it just might make it a little bit easier to get through.

Here's some knitting content, a Clapotis I started last week as a distraction.

I'm using some baby yarn I had in my stash that is a little fact it just might be visible from space, but I'll finish it anyway. For everything, there is a season, and so it goes.


Sharon said...

((((Kiki & Cee))))

You are both in my thoughts. The flower photos and Clapotis are lovely.

Kiki said...

Aww thanks, Sharon!! As I said, he's not in pain anymore and that's the main thing.