Wednesday, May 16, 2007

good deeds and seeds

So spring is progressing...we have already had two days here where the temperature has reached over 30 degrees celcius (that's around 86 for you fahrenheiters). All of our lilac trees (I think we have 3, I know for sure there's one....see what a gardener I am?) are blooming, and we are cultivating a fine crop of dandelions out front and back....hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em I always say...and secretly I think dandelions are quite pretty, especially when you drive past big sections of them along the roads. I know there are lots of moms, including my own, who may have received a bouquet or two of these prolific little weeds for Mother's Day at least once in their lives, picked by eager chubby little fingers and given with love.

Crocheting and knitting wise I have progressed on a few things. The monkey bismol socks are now complete (I'd have posted a picture, but the second one looks (thank goodness) just like the first, so I didn't bother, you can use your imagination--it seems to be a lost art these days. I have a few baby things on the go for the expectant new arrival out west, and I am also half finished a sweater for my sister Tee, who just had a milestone birthday (I won't say what milestone, but let's just say that when my dad and mom reached this milestone, she stuck signs up all over the boulevard and plastered huge banners across the garage broadcasting just how old they were....lucky for her no-one returned the favour). My own woman in red sweater has been put on the back burner while I work on these other things, including some things for a new project idea created by dear Vik.

Vik wrote on her blog, Like Grandma, about knitting scarves for homeless people. She made five scarves and went out and very quietly and anonymously left them by people while they were still asleep. Then she left, not waiting for or wanting a thank you or any kind of recognition, but hoping that in some small way she may have brightened these people's lives. Vik got quite a lot of response on her blog about this selfless and generous act, and this prompted her to start a blog called Knitting For Homeless. The idea is that each person knit or crochet 5 scarves and give them to the homeless. Every little bit helps, and you will be amazed at how good it makes you feel. You can read more about it on either of her blogs.

The Great 'Mater Experiment:
Week 6

As you can see, the seeds are growing fast. They really do look smashing in their 'high-tech aluminum growing tray'--which may or may not have contained chicken chow mein at one time, I'm just sayin'--and probably in a couple weeks, I will attempt to make the transfer from their little pots to the great big scary pots outside...sniff sniff, they grow up so fast, don't they?


Sharon said...

Look at that! The 'maters are doing great. I love the idea of knitting scarves for homeless people.
Glad you're back Kiki!

Vik said...

I knew this babies would grow in Spring!
Hi Kiki, thank you for being there. Here is very cold, specially by night. I found another aerea downtown where you walk the street full of homeless bodies, very sad. When Spring/Summer time will be over for you, it will be great to organize a huge "2007 KFH Christmas Scarves Marathon" ;)

Hel said...

I think they are going to enjoy the freedom of the outside pots. The breeze through their leaves, the sun on their stalks.

Wanda Kay said...

The maters are growing really well, looks as if its time for them to gain some freedom.