Tuesday, December 19, 2006

the house that hooks built

and yarn. and tissues. because the tissue box was just so hideously ugly and/or cold, i made a cosy for it to cover up its grotesque...tissueness....either that or i saw the pattern and thought it was pretty cute and a little kitsch, and so it began. the construction of the house itself was pretty easy, but as is always the case, the devil is in the details...not hard to do, just...fiddly. and lots of scraps needed for all the little fibre gum drops, etc.....but since i have about sixty bajillion billion balls of yarn it was pretty much cake. it's quite festive and i think the tissue 'smoke' coming out of the chimney somehow completed the whole quirky masterpiece.

did you drop a trail of breadcrumbs to get to my blog? because the twisted part of me can picture a teeny witch crouching just behind the door waiting for you to get closer so she can grab you and stick you in her cooking pot...it's funny but now that i'm older i can see the witch's side... if some snot-nosed little ankle biters were eating pieces off of my house i'd be pretty ticked off, too...probably--probably?--not enough to go the extreme of cooking them for dinner, but still...

that looks dangerous

yes...the double points again. cee's camo (tea cosy) hat needed partners in crime, so this poor, punctured ball of camouflage yarn became these:

notice the interesting colour pooling in the mid section on each glove...i have no explanation, but cee thinks it's neat and they look pretty spiffy on him. now he can drive in warmth and still look dapper, oh yeah, i said dapper.... yes, you've seen this pattern before...it's the knucks pattern....i'm growing to love it more and more each time i make them.
if your poor tissue box is as homely as mine or you just think the pattern is cool, you can find the gingerbread house cover pattern here
if you can't stand it anymore and simply have to make the knucks, you can find the pattern at knitty here


Jess said...

I love the gingerbread house! I wish I had seen that farther in advance because I know just who I would gift that to for Christmas.

Vik said...

Oh Kiki, I would have love this gingerbread house when I was a little girl! I think it´s a great present for a child the whole year, not just Christmas season! ;)

Thanks for the link to knitty for the knucks! I´m loving them! It´s amazing how the variegated turned out in the middle - both the same place! Looks like on purpose, doesn´t it?

kay said...

Hi Jess! Nice to see you :) The house doesn't take that long to make, just a bit tedious with all the little bits to sew on and stuff, it took me a few days not working constantly on it, so you could probably still get one done if you had some time.

Hi Vik! Yes I think kids would get a real kick out of the house, just like I did :) I guess basically because I'm still just a big kid, LOL. Cee loves his knucks. I was upset that the colours were pooling at first, but then I think they kind of made neat patterns themselves, so I just made the cuffs all black and viola they were done. :)

Vik said...

Merry Christmas, dear Kiki!

Sharon said...

I am in absolute awe of your gingerbread house creation. Likewise the fingerless gloves, they absolutely rock. I found you by surfing Bad Ass Knitters. (Funny how the best knitblogs are in this ring...) ^o^ Sharon (aka Chickenlips)

kay said...

Hello Sharon and thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the compliments, you are too kind! :)