Tuesday, November 28, 2006

writer's blocks

i made some more progress on the 200 blocks afghan, this picture is of the squares that will be the centre of the blanket, at least that's what i've decided so far:

another random square, loved the pattern, not sure about the colour placement, but that's something i can decide as i go along.

the pictures are not that great, i'm having a harder and harder time trying to get decent shots out of this camera, and end up having to do a lot of editing, but you get the general idea.

the last one i've done is called 'old vienna', not really sure why, unless the little filigree designs are suppose to emulate some sort of bavarian decoration.

i quite like this pattern, again the picture is just not doing it justice. somehow the colours seem to look different in every picture, but they are all the same, trust me.

this camouflage item may be a hat for cee, or it may be a tea cosy, he hasn't decided yet.

i also have a similar ball of yarn that may or may not be masquerading as a pair of matching gloves...it hasn't decided yet.


Vik said...

Kiki, what wonderful squares! Look at them! The work is worth it!
You made me laugh with the "incognito" and if a hat or tea cozy! ;)

kay said...

Aww thanks, Vik! You are always so nice!

Stephanie said...

oohhh. Pretty squares! Great idea for your center! I just bought the book, but I need to finish some other projects before starting.

kay said...

Thanks Stephanie! You will love this book I'm sure! The only problem I have with it is I keep changing my mind which squares to make, there are just too many to choose from! :)

flutter said...

those are so gorgeous! I will have to re-teach myself to crochet...I remember how to do basics, but your stuff is lovely

Regina said...

The squares look great! That is my new favorite inspirational tome.

Love the hat/cozy too!

~ LadyLinoleum